Why I Choose Mycology

Believe it or not my working life started around the age of six years old. I borrowed a Phillips head screwdriver asked for a gallon of white paint and a paint brush and I used my little red wagon to go to each neighbors door and ask if I could paint their mailbox for $10. Being diagnosed with mental health so young my parents wanted to instill a good work ethic and allow me to be around when I call Normie‘s ( people that don’t deal with mental health ) so that as I grow older I could find my interest and have a successful career.

Most of the jobs I had were in management customer service and a retail environment. I’ve viewed the world very differently and all I ever saw in those environments were misery and people making other people’s dreams come true. I have great respect for people who work in customer service and retail and I completely understand most of those people won’t be in the settings forever and recognize that not everyone’s views are the same. Retail is an extremely complicated fast pace high demanding exhausting environment. Doing 12 to 14-hour shifts while in school and out of school will really take a toll on you if you suffer from mental illness and if you have the ability to recognize The role your environment plays in mental health and the mindset to figure out a solution that best suits you as everyone is different and requires something else to succeed, survive and thrive, it’ll make you rethink future plans. By 25 I was burnt out I knew I had to make a change. I have never been satisfied with just being good or doing one task any business I worked at I wanted to learn everything about it the in’s the out’s from cleaning the bathrooms to handling the money. And so I started focusing on things that really made me happy and gave me time to focus on my mental health and what I personally would require to survive and thrive and grow. Being born without the ability to feel true emotions or connect with others on an emotional level is called Alexithymia it’s a personality trait characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions experienced by oneself. Dealing with this has left a deep void for intellectual and emotional connection and understanding, Something common with bipolar and mental illness and definitely Something hard to navigate on top of the requirements of everyday life. I’ve searched for that filler throughout my entire career. Starting and building Fullsend OrgaNicks and working in the field of Mycology is something that finally provides that for me and has opened many new doors. Being able to connect with so many people like myself, do multiple tasks from making products doing the advertising marketing learning how to design and maintain e-commerce platforms being able to help people and provide insight to those with similar interests and struggles, those insights turn into connections turning into customers turning into friendships building a community is truly what it’s all about. And my many hours and years of customer service retail I’ve dealt with many of the stigmas that come with mental health and am able to now use Fullsend Organicks to advocate for change spread awareness and educate people. Those that are different are sometimes the smartest most helpful kindest people out there and everyone deserves a chance. I chose Mycology because when I was still working in the retail environment feeling stuck and the lack of purpose for life with mycology, I would’ve never had the self-awareness, the insight, the courage, or the heart to be able to write or share anything like what I’ve just shared and you’ve just read. Mycology has provided me with the ability to not only strengthen myself and grow both professionally and mentally but continue to achieve everything that I’ve looked for and that has inspired me and all of my professions and working careers. From studying different strains and testing their effects and medicinal properties to understanding different compounds and the nutrients for different cultures to be able to survive and thrive on, it’s being able to touch everything that you’re so passionate about Mycology is like nothing else I’ve ever been a part of and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Never give up on yourself life always finds a way and you can do anything you out your mind to.

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