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Manure all in one mushroom super grow bag has three different layers of substrates. Shop the BEST and easiest way to grow Mushroom at home! These manure based bags are packed full of everything mushrooms thrive on.

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More about this Manure Super Mix Mushroom Substrate!

This Manure Super Mix Mushroom Substrate! is ready to rock, This bag 1.5 Lbs. it’s great for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

Please note if you plan to start from a spore solution, liquid culture or agar wedge you need to begin with sterilized rye grains before using the Manure Super Mix Mushroom Substrate!

Manure super mix an organic manure based mushroom growing Substrate. In addition, super mix is specially formulated mushroom growing substrate for growing edible mushrooms from https://fullsendorganicks.com Fullsend OrgaNicks.

We take field leached horse manure, shred it and then fortify it with all the necessary minerals and vitamins that mushrooms need to grow. We get our manure from 2 sources in Colorado Rockies and Montrose Colorado.

Manure Super Mix Mushroom Substrate is used in conjunction with our mushroom grain spawn, rye berries and or optional mushroom casing.

Whether you’re planning on using an all-in-one mushroom super bag, Uncle Ben’s, rye berries, whole-grain rice, or any type of other grain.

You can mix and match our mycology supplies to make your own personalized mushroom grow kit.

Pasteurized Manure Super Mix Mushroom Substrate comes to your front door sterilized, hydrated and ready to rock!


The Manure Super Mix: 1 Pound bag 

  • 1 Pound bag
  • Fully hydrated.
  • For gourmet and medicinal mushrooms
  • Garneted to have the fastest growth rate out of any other substrate on the market
  • Sterilized Manure substrate
  • Nutrient infused
  • vitamin infused.
  • Build your own kit or use it to case.
  • Perfect for our 3-pound rye bags and brf multipurpose super bags. 
  • Largest bags used with plenty of room for your grains.


You will receive your substrate in a heat sealed, large mushroom grow bag with a 5-micron filter patch to provide perfect gas exchange and filter out bacteria, air born spores and other contaminants.

We use the largest spawn bags available to insure plenty of room for substrate and the fruiting mushrooms. By cultivating manure super mix, you don’t have to adjust humidity or worry about contaminants compromising your grow.   Mix and match and let it rip.

More About Super Mix!

How We Ship:

NOTE: We ship with usps priority Mail. We place this product in a sterile bag to lessen the chances of any issues.

Store in cool room temperatures. Enjoy up to 4 months in a cold room or even a cooler for up to 6 months before use. Made with Mush Love by Fullsend OrgaNicks

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Dimensions 9.5 × 12.5 in

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