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Our 3 Lb rye berry mushroom inoculation bag with a self-healing port is equal to 3 quarts in volume. We only use certified organic rye, which is fully hydrated, gypsum sulfates and nitrates added and sterilized.


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More about this Rye Berry Mushroom Inoculation Bag (Premium Nutrient Grains) 3Lb

Our Rye Berry Mushroom Inoculation Bag (Premium Nutrient Grains) 3Lb with a self-healing port is equal to 3 quarts in volume. We only use certified organic rye, which is fully hydrated, gypsum added and sterilized. These infused 100 percent certified organic grains will show fast growth and come with start to finish instructions.

All our bags come with self-healing ports and filters ready to rock.

See the First steps to success below:

These rye berry mushroom inoculation bags are ready to inoculate rite out of the box. This three-pound sterilized mushroom substrate bag has a self-healing port. a 5-micron filter patch and requires little to No worries after inoculation.

Fullsend OrgaNicks rye berry inoculation spawn bags with self-healing injection ports. help to cut down the chance of any outside contamination entering during inoculation.

A 5-micron filter patch provides gas exchange during growing which is an important factor in growing times. Simply inject your bag with 4 to 6cc of your favorite gourmet fungi culture and shake the bag.

Allow to grow in normal room temperature for four weeks or until fully grown. We aim to ease the process and skills necessary for the process. We help our customers anyway we can.

Our 3-pound rye berry bags will blow your mind with how fast they grow and the amazing they will provide.

Our hydration process is like none other. It makes our bag what it is. We use this method for all grains. Our proven processes as seen on our social media. Follow @fullsendorganick101 for more. Adding different sulfates and nitrates along with many other goodies. Our grains continue to show fast and easy colonization. Most of all an easy start to finish. 

  1. Self-healing inoculation port
  2. beginner friendly
  3. FSO nutrient mix added
  4. All grains and bags are Biodegradable and 100% OrgaNick
  5. 5-micron filter patch for fresh air exchange
  6. start to finish instructions
  7. Premium Hydration with sulfates and nitrates
  8. Expect fast growth for any mushrooms
  9. Handmade item
  10. Biodegradable Bags and reusable products

These rye berry grain bags are: Easy to use, Fast colonizers, come with start to finish instructions, best of all they are packed with nutrients.

How We Ship:

Our bags go out with USPS priority Mail. you choose the speed based on location..

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