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There are thousands of different kinds of mushrooms nowadays the line blurs as things advance, and when you hear the word medicinal mushrooms, it can mean a lot of things will clear that up along with some of our favorite substrates and different kinds of mushrooms, wanting to survive and thrive on different mixes .

Gourmet substrates are usually wood based rye berry seems to work great but things like millet, popcorn, and even uncle Ben’s will be suitable for both spores and most liquid cultures. Wood-based substrates can be anything from a freshly cut log straight from your yard that you sterilize and hydrate and keep you can also use things like used coffee grounds and coco choir.

If you’re wanting to try something new and are about that reduce reuse recycle life like we are adding some aspen or other wood-based animal bedding.

You will be surprised what you can you think of when you’re on a budget and starting a new company or anything from nothing. We now have a video up about the start to finish process for animals bedding substrates. For the avid enthusiast, self-healing inoculation jars Woodbased super bags or shitmasters that can be transferred to a tub with ease Are the new favorite go to for both beginners and professionals.


There are mushrooms that are solely for medicinal purposes and mental health, and there are mushrooms, such as lions mane, turkey tail, red Rishi, shiitake and so many others that are used and considered gourmet but offer a wide range of medicinal properties. you can find all these products mentioned in this blog on our site.

Functional mushrooms or (active mushrooms) again are solely for medicinal and mental health purposes. These mushrooms although becoming more and more acceptable, are still for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only unless you are in a decriminalized state or county. As for now for sale in possession of psilocybin containing mushroom genetics are still illegal in California, Georgia and Idaho and we abide by the rules 100%.

Active specimens are mushrooms like albino penis, envy (APE), golden teacher, Jedi, WTF and the hundreds of others. From modified genetics to amateur and professional enthusiast that get down dirty and make new strains, it seems that new species and variations almost come out daily.

We have been into the world of modified genetics for quite a while and have even started trying modifying gourmet mushrooms. Any type of modification can take months and even years, but sometimes it’s fun to mix a few syringes here and there and see what happens.

Functional mushrooms, or actives as they are called, will pretty much find a way to survive and thrive on anything the B+ strain first originated in Florida, was literally growing in a mixture of sand, Pete Moss, and decaying organic matter.

It’s pretty amazing, mycelium is almost everywhere in the world and is the lifeblood of the woods, jungles, forest and mother nature’s neural network that makes everything happen behind the curtains.

Substrates for active mushrooms will usually contain some sort of manure mixture. Coco coir vermiculite, and gypsum are also suitable substrates. Also known as CVG this is a great substrate for the amateur mycologist wanting to take things to the next level.

Substrates and starters such as brown rice flour aka BRF TEK, which we offer, and a wide variety of bags and jars will usually need to have a nutritional mix added before they are inoculated. All of our bags come with a nutritional mix and are ready to go straight from the box.

Brown rice flour or BRF is a favorite for Fullsend all of our bags and jars can be inoculated colonized and then put right into a tub with nothing more than cocoa choir. BRF is also a great substrate as once it is fully colonized it can be used to spawn other grains.

All in one manure-based super bags, and the new shit master series are amazing for medicinal and some gourmet mushrooms from the all-in-one wood lover edition mushroom super bag to the manure-based all in one super bag. These are top selling bags because you can fruit inside of the bag, they take up a little space and are extremely easy to use for all skill levels.

The new shipmaster 1000 is a four layered manure-based substrate that has a self-healing, inoculation port, and FAE ventilation patch. These bags can be inoculated and transferred to tubs in a matter of months. A new item for us and fast becoming a community favorite. We offer these bags in both manure and wood. The shitmaster series is a premixed all in one bag that is fully hydrated and sterilized and will provide many flushes with ease.


If you can take anything away from this blog, it should be that no matter what mushroom you’re trying to grow. Mycelium will always find a way to survive and thrive. As long as you can provide the right conditions and have the patience’s, life will always find a way.

Gourmet mushrooms are always going to prefer a wood-based substrate over everything, and functional active mushrooms are always going to prefer manure over anything else.

It’s always fun to play around and try new things like CVG and BRF but if you’re new, and just wanna have success all in one bag, whether it’s a mini or a large are the best way to go.

all of the Substrates mentioned above can be found on our website and every single product will offer a full description, all the ways to use the product along with a video in the product description to further your educational needs.


All of the active species that we offer are from Microscopy and Taxonomy uses only we do not condone to the growth or cultivation of active species in states where they are not allowed. Although it is legal to possess psilocybin containing spores, it is not legal to grow them.

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