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Shit Master MINI Mushroom Grow Bag is fully hydrated and sterilized, ready for you to knock it up with some of our amazing genetics. The Shit Master MINI Mushroom Grow Bags are designed to only be inoculated once and left to colonize in dark room temp environments.


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Shit Master MINI Mushroom Grow Bag

This Shit Master MINI Mushroom Grow Bag is fully hydrated and sterilized. ready for you to knock it up with some of our amazing genetics.

Supplies you need for class.

  • Gourmet mushroom culture for inoculation
  • A clean work environment, no running fans or air conditioners/heaters going.
  • Rubbing alcohol and paper towels
  • Medical gloves or equivalent and a face mask so you don’t breathe on your project during inoculation.
  • Some tape to cover your inoculation hole. Any tape will work. This step is optional. Just an extra measure of security
  • Patience

Please note: we are not responsible for these bags if injected with anything active. we do not condone to the use of spores to grow magic mushrooms spores must remain spores.

This Shit Master MINI Bag, A 1-layer substrate mushroom grow bag mixed with 3 layers of everything manure loving mushrooms need to survive and thrive on. This product comes Fully hydrated and sterilized with a five-micron filter patch and self-healing injection port.

It is easy to prepare your Grow Bag for inoculation.

First, Semi inflate the Shit Master MINI bag by grasping opposite gussets on either side of the Shit Master MINI Mushroom Grow Bag and gently pull them apart to draw in air through the white F.A.E filter patch

After inoculation allow the Shit Master MINI Bag to colonize in room temps (65 to 79F) for 4-6 weeks.

Furthermore, Initial germination of spores will occur in 14 to 21 days from the time of inoculation.

Mixing the bag ONE TIME at 50% colonized is optional and can decrease colonization times.


Full Start Finish Fruiting in the bag! This work method for the All-In-One Manure Grow bags kits. Shitmaster 1000 along with all-in-one Mini.




Expect The Best!

  1. Everything is hand handmade to order down to the stickers.
  2. We guarantee our genetics and stick to small batches to continue to maintain and improve the genetics every round.
  3. Discrete worldwide shipping
  4. 25 years of customer experience
  5. 30+ years of combined experience between a team of four to bring you the best every-time.
  6. We offer classes and 1 On 1 assistances. Please reach out via our chat bot for more information.

We offer videos for any question and Tek you will have throughout your entire process. Scan the code in the top left corner and learn to do it your damn self!



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Weight 1.5 lbs
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