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This Do It Your Damn Self Grow Kit is all about you. This is a complete kit that comes with our infused grains and manure super mix. its can be grown in the bag or in a shoebox tub.


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More About This Do It Your Damn Self Grow Kit

This Do It Your Damn Self Grow Kit is all about you. It’s time to take skills and love for mycology to the next level. This Do It Your Damn Self Grow Kit consists of two sterilized and pasteurized substrates.

A 1.5-lb bag of our premium and much loved hydrated and sterilized organic rye berries. These Rye Berries are fir your spawn. A one-pound bag of our horse manure based mushroom substrate to use as your bulk substrate.

The Do it your damn self-grow kit is AMAZING for learning to grow in a bag or in a monotub! This kit and our start to finish instructions will show you the confident way to do it your damn self! 

Our Premium rye bag is equal to 1 quart in volume and the bulk substrate is equal to 1.5 quarts in volume. The one-pound bag of sterilized rye berries has a self-healing injection port and a five-micron filter patch on the bag for gas exchange.

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Start To Finish Video: Inoculation | Fruiting Options | Modification options and Mush more! WATCH BELOW



Simply Knock up your rye bag with 4cc of your favorite mushroom culture and shake up the bag and fill it with air to help. do this by pulling the gussets of the bag outward. Allow your rye bag to fully colonize at room temperature. If your inoculation was sterile and successful, your rye bag will be colonized in about 5 to 6 weeks from the time of inoculation.

Once your rye bag is fully colonized, break up the mycelium in the bag and add the spawn to your bulk substrate bag. Seal the bag and mix. You can allow your substrate to colonize and fruit in the bag or transfer to your preferred vessel for cultivation.

furthermore, Allow this Do It Your Damn Self Grow Kit 4-6 weeks to fully colonize in room temperatures. Do not incubate over 80 degrees Fahrenheit at any given time.

in addition, the diy kit is Great for manure-loving mushrooms.

100 percent sterilized and ready to rock.

Please read and reread the instructions. Most of all. do not rush the process.

Anything in this world that can truly make a difference in your life is always going to take patience.

Please know if you are an amateur mycologist or just getting into Mycology. You should always stick to Fruiting in the bag.

Break and shake are an optional step. is not suggested or supported for amateur enthusiast or beginner mycologists. If you do not follow our instructions, we cannot help you.

Mush love and happy growing

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The Do It Your Damn Self Grow kit 

  • 1.5 rye berry bag
  • sterilized and fully hydrated
  • 1.5-pound bag of our manure mix
  • complete kit
  • made to order fresh and ready to rock
  • full start to finish instructions included

How We Ship:

NOTE: We ship with usps priority Mail. All our Super bags in a sterile bag to lessen the chances of any contamination.


Do it your damn self-Grow Kit Storage:

Keep these kits Kept in cool room temperatures.


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