Man on a Mission

By Nick | FSO


Man On a Mission starts with life experience and understanding the benefits of as many fungi as possible. Genetic modification is a blast, especially when it comes to benefits. It’s not just about psychedelics pretty much every single mushroom that’s out there has some benefit in one way or another continuing to modify those genetics for the best outcomes is an amazing experience.


Working with over 300 different unmodified active strains, along with many functional and gourmet as well, I have found it. The utilization of many of these strains together is by far more beneficial when it comes to the benefits, integration, enlightenment, and self-healing. And I have been documenting my experiences in what I call the mushroom bible.


Over the past 10 years, I’ve basically been utilizing myself as a guinea pig, dealing with bipolar, ADHD, and many other learning and health disabilities not wanting to deal with big Pharma, or the ever-changing medicine routine that comes with my kind of lifelong illness, I turned to mother nature for help. From a young age, I had always bonded with the wild world, mother nature and loved to grow anything I could get my hands on.  I found that mushrooms were the most beneficial thing that I had ever come upon and my studies and passion took over as I wanted to and continue to learn every day.


Get Inspired and know you can do anything you truly put your mind to.


In those 10 years documenting every single experience, while utilizing mushrooms of all kinds, no matter what I was going through whether it was chronic depression, a manic episode, and whatever else may come with ADHD, bipolar, and everything I deal with on a day-to-day basis, I’m able to continue to do my studies on a bimonthly basis. Hoping to one day, utilize all of my learnings and experiences to open up live interactive healing centers for all those like me and be able to offer the same opportunities to the millions of people we know would love to learn and feel the potential.


We can never tell anyone they need Something or need to change. It’s never our place it must be their choice and want.



It’s never something that can be pushed on you or scheduled. It Has to be and wanted from within. That’s why we continue to educate advocate, enlighten and inspire on a day-to-day basis, in doing so that gives every individual who comes across us the opportunity to want to learn with us. It gives them the offered mindset and how to the right way. It teaches them all of the potential to live in prep and how to live their best life with nothing but mother nature. It’s about sharing and creating a communication and relatable system to get over anything holding oneself back.


We cannot wait to continue to share our experiences growing the mushroom Bible and continuing to share everything.


Thank you for being a part of it, reading this and understanding what it’s really about for me and the Fullsend TeamM.  Mother nature is a beautiful thing, and she has so much to offer the best part about all of this is the learning will never stop new things are discovered every day. Mush love.

Man On a Misson


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