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This Ready to Fruit Gourmet Grow Bag will grow mushrooms in just days. We are so proud to be able to share this amazing product with you.

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More about this Ready to Fruit Gourmet Grow Bag

This Ready to Fruit Gourmet Grow Bag is the BIGGEST ready to fruit grow kit on the market. More than two years in the making we are so proud to be able to share this amazing product with you. Based on conditions provided you can expect up to 4+ Flushes.

Continue the soaking the process and stick to the instructions provided. See our social media for how to videos found on the back of the Highly detailed and easy start to finish and care instructions that come with every kit.

Current Options are Lions mane and Brown Oyster. More are on the way! 

1. wipe your workspace and bag with isopropyl prep pad before going to step 2 be sure all fans are off and you’re in a clean environment.

2. Cut the Bag: use a knife or box cutter to cut an “X” on 1 side of the bag. “X” should be 23-4-inch lines forming an X.

3. Soak the Block: Open the top of the box, remove the grow block, and place it “X” side down into a bowl or bucket of water. The goal is to soak the block through the “X” cut in the bag.

4. Soak the block overnight or for 4 to 8 hours. (if possible, use distilled water).

After soaking, remove the bag from the water and wipe off any excess water from the exterior with a paper towel.

(Do not wipe the side with the x). Place the block in any environment that gets normal light and air.

Place your grow kit on a shelf or countertop. Use the perfect mister that comes with every kit (instructions on bottle) to mist the cut-open portion of the block once every 1-2 days.

5. Create the Right Environment: Ensure the grow kit is in a warm area but not in direct sunlight or in the path of direct airflow from heaters or air conditioners.

6. Observe Growth: In 1-2 weeks but expect it to happen a lot faster. look for the formation of pins, the beginnings of your mushrooms. Once pinning starts, mist twice daily, and within 1-2 weeks depending on the environment created, the mushrooms will be ready for harvest.

7. Harvesting: To harvest, grasp the mushroom clusters close to the substrate block and twist to break them free. Cut off any residual substrate and rinse the mushrooms.

8. Cook Immediately: For the best flavor, cook the mushrooms as soon as possible after harvest. They can be store in the refrigerator in a paper bag for up to 3 days.

9. Preservation: If you cannot cook immediately, dry the mushrooms using a food dehydrator and store them in a mason Jar. They will last years and be like healthy chips. Flush 2


This kit includes:

  1. Start to finish detailed instructions
  2. The perfect mist with instructions
  3. 1 Ready to fruit bag of your choice.
  4. Start to finish care instructional and how to videos.


The Final Steps For The Ready to Fruit Gourmet Grow Bag 

1. Prepare for More Harvests: After the first harvest, soak the block again with the “X” side down for 8 hours, then drain for 10 minutes before placing it back into the growing environment you created for your continued growth.

2. Maintain Moisture: Place the kit in a plastic grocery bag and tie it shut to retain moisture. Check weekly for new pin growth.

3. Manage Spores: Harvest before full maturity to minimize spore release. If spores are present, clean up with a damp cloth and cleaning solution. NEED MORE HELP? We have start to finish videos on every single product we make ourselves. Please see back side for codes and more information.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7.5 × 5.5 in

1 Ready Kit, 2 Ready Kits, 4 Ready Kits, 8 Ready Kits

Bag Style

White Oyster, Brown Oyster


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