Tinctures & Edibles

Mushroom teas Tinctures & Mixes are one of kind gourmet handcrafted products. All made by Raiza our microbiologists with over 30 years of mushroom experience.

Our All-In-One Medicinal Mushroom Tincture is a mix of our best gourmet and medicinal mushrooms all in one.

The all in one mushroom Tincher contains red Rishi, turkey tail, lions’ mane and cordyceps.

The All-In-One Medicinal Mushroom Tincture is great for overall immune support, anti-aging, anti-anxiety, stress relief, gastric and dietary support and can also help to maintain energy levels and restfulness.

Our Tincher is A great and healthy option if you’re looking to stay healthy, energized and maintain your state of being.

Our Tincture’s made by our microbiologist Raiza Who has been making Tincture‘s for over 25 years. All-In-One Medicinal Mushroom Tincture’s come in 1-to-3-ounce bottles, and it’s recommended to take between one and 5 mL 3 to 4 times daily results should be noticed in as little as two weeks.


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