The oyster enigma is an especially interesting variety, as it does not produce mushroom fruiting bodies, but instead produces a blob-like mycelial formation that somewhat resembles a brain.


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More About This Astro Jax P. Cubensis Manic Madness

This Astro Jax P. Cubensis Manic Madness “AJAX magic mushrooms” is a light-colored Cubensis variety was originally collected from farmland near Jacksonville, Florida. The original specimens were printed and distributed to a small group of mycologists in the southern U.S.

All Cultures and Microscopy supplies are for Taxonomy, Microscopy and Study purposes ONLY! We will not provide any growing help or advice and do not condone to the growth of any active products. 

Known for its aggressive mycelial growth and dense clusters, Astro Jax P. Cubensis Manic Madness. AJAX has quickly become a popular variety among researchers worldwide. Most importantly in the studies of the mental health community for it benefits.

Astro Jax P. Cubensis Manic Madness AJAX produces an abundance of medium-sized fruits with light brown to cream-colored caps and long, thick stems.

Ajax mushroom genetics has become popular on the spore traders subreddit and is a favorite to many newcomers!

Ajax has become a quickly popular variety among researchers worldwide! It is known throughout the community for its medium-sized fruits with a long thick stem. The white stem has dark streaks throughout and lead up to a convex cap. The fruit of Ajax contains a mesmerizing light brown to cream-colored caps!

Buying psilocybe cubensis or shrooms in Astro Jax P. Cubensis Manic Madness might be tricky dependant on whether or not classed as a drug in United States of America.

We don’t recommend buying from dealers or off the streets, Reddit or anyone without a great website. Why you might ask? Without a good and informative it shows no passion for there work most likely leading to a bad experience with your purchase. Ajax, a good idea would be to research some online magic mushroom dispensaries in United States of America. (Always check local laws)

And if you don’t have any in the area, maybe this an opportunity for you to one day offer mushroom workshops. Search YouTube or watch this video we found online should you need to teach yourself.

Psilocybe cubensis is a species of psychedelic mushroom, the principal active

The name Golden Teacher refers to the golden color of the golden tops and stems and the way it teaches people about spore microscopy.


Astro Jax P. Cubensis Manic Madness

  • 100% viable
  • lure lock syringes
  • Tat genetics
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this product is suitable for spore researchers of all experience levels.
FAQ Is It Legal?

Spore Syringes and Study Cultures:

Spores are for microscopy purposes only. Spore syringes are 12ML, filled with 10ML spore solution. In the instance that the liquid expands from freezing and hot weather.
FAQ: I can’t see spores, does that mean there are none?

again, Properly mixed spore syringes will be clump free. You will not be able to easily see the spores inside with eyes alone.

and You may sometimes see spores with the naked eye. Under a microscope, you would see all of the unseen spores floating around.

Some vendors will go as far as coal in their spore solutions to give the appearance of https://linktr.ee/fullsend_organicks spores.
All of Fullsend OrgaNicks spores and liquid cultures are 100% viable. Every syringe is issue free. You are responsible if your spores or liquid culture are in a hot mailbox all day.

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Psilocybin and Jedi Mind Fuck Liquid Syringe is the cultured version of our second most popular spores. The first being Golden Teacher.

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