Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain – Know The Facts

Many can call their strain golden teacher. There are a massive amount of mushrooms that look extremely similar to the golden teacher mushroom species. But does the golden teacher still actually exist and what does the true golden teacher look like? In this short blog will share with you everything that you wanted to know about the most popular mushroom strain in the world the most well-known the most sought after and one of the most potent the golden teacher Mushroom. First and foremost golden teacher is where it all started for Fullsend organicks it’s our number one seller and we carry one of the original generic lines of golden teacher. it’s why you’ll see in the pictures that are posted on social media the mushroom looks spray-painted with gold the color is so prevalent and it is absolutely beautiful. As more and more folks turn to growing mushrooms, one thing that often bewilders new growers is the amount of choice offered by online vendors when it comes to strains, cultivars, or even different species.

Whether it’s Golden Teachers, B+, or Penis envy for those getting started, there’s a lot to take in and understand—not everyone has a degree in mycology, after all. Add to this some of the wilder claims from the more “marketing-focused” vendors around variations in effects like euphoria, introspection, or induced spiritual epiphanies, and it’s easy to see why many new growers can often be faced with decision paralysis when choosing which spores to start. Golden Teachers look a lot more like the Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms you might find growing in the wild. Golden Teacher will happily dump a thick carpet of purple-black spores, making it a good choice for those wishing to make prints. Golden Teachers are highly recommended for new growers looking for a starter variety—though this may simply be due to how long their spores have been circulating within the growing community. The species will grow well on grain-based starter substrates and bulk substrates such as coir and manure. Our All-In-one manure super bags are absolutely amazing for all kinds of mushrooms and very easy to use. It’s important to point out here that genetic characteristics tend to be independent of each other, so while some growers might tell you that more potent mushroom strains are always albino, there’s currently not any evidence that this is true. As with other varieties of Psilocybe cubensis, the time from spores to mushrooms can depend on the growing method you choose and the temperature of your cultivation environment. If you do everything else right, an optimum temperature range of 75-80°F (24-26.5°C) should give you results in around one to two months. What it all comes down to is picture proof as we mentioned in the beginning of this informative blog there are many species of fungi that very closely resemble the golden teacher mushroom. One of the biggest problems with mushroom strains, much like with cannabis, is knowing that you’re really getting what you paid for. As strain is a bit more of a fuzzy concept, there’s no tried and tested way to guarantee your Golden Teachers aren’t actually Mazatapec, or your B+ aren’t actually Ecuadorians. We are proud to say we guarantee when you shop with us you get exactly what you pay for.

*Note that consuming and cultivating psilocybin mushrooms is only decriminalized in some regions. Always consult the law in your region before cultivating or consuming psilocybin.

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