Mushroom Tinctures – What’s The Deal

Everybody knows Fullsend OrgaNicks loves Mycology and Mushrooms. We deal with mental health so we advocate for life. The mushroom movement is here and every single day amateur and professional mycologists are continuing to find more and more benefits not only for mental health but for everyone and that’s great because at Fullsend organicks we believe that nature and all of her wonderful and fantastic things that she has to offer are for everyone. The natural organic healthy and alternative flowers, fungi and mush more with no additives no addictions no out of this world side effects is what people should think about first before moving to a pill. Mushroom Tinctures are a great place to start.

Hey everybody what’s up? I’m Nick the owner and founder of Fullsend Organicks I started Fullsend Organicks because at the age of five I was diagnosed with bipolar, ADHD, and many other learning and health disabilities …. No that’s not what this blog is about this blog is about Mushroom Tinctures so why am I telling you about me and mental health… Well, it’s simple without going through years and years of trial and error ups and downs dealing with horrible side effects of medications, Tinctures would have never played such a big role in my life.

Fullsend Organicks’ Mushroom Tinctures play a huge role in my everyday life now because mushrooms like Reishi Help keep a regulated sleep schedule reduce stress, Strengthen the immune system and most importantly help with the heart and blood pressure. There’s a history of heart disease in my family I would choose our Rishi mushroom Tincture over any pill any day

Lion’s mane and bipolar? Yes! our lion’s mane mushroom Tincture really helps to reduce the many anxieties that come with mental health but most of all I use it to help regulate my nerve pain. From a very young age, I was racing motorcycles, doing extreme off-road, and always had a need for speed. Though these experiences usually come with bad wrecks and a lot of body pain the lion’s mane mushroom Tincture has truly made a difference in my life.

Let’s talk turkey! Again, with mental health, I know…. But mushrooms are amazing, and they truly make a difference in mental health and definitely play a huge role in my life. The turkey tail mushroom can produce beta glucans that believe it or not can help reduce obesity. The stresses of mental health and everyday life even if you don’t deal with mental health there are a lot of people that will turn to eating or drinking or other things that can cause weight gain, and that’s definitely not a healthy lifestyle.

Dealing with ADHD concentration is a real struggle I use Cordyceps to help Maintain my energy levels, these mushrooms also help with immune support and the cordyceps tincture is a great Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which let’s be honest everybody needs.

At Fullsend Organicks we love to go beyond mycology and always take things to the next level and so because we take all these tinctures, we decided to make an all-in-one mushroom Tincture. This is now what I use every single day. It contains everything mentioned above all of our teachers are double extracted the mushrooms used for these teachers are grown in a temperature-controlled environment under special lighting in a lab-grade sterile setting. We take so much pride in everything that we make and do, and we hope that you will too. Live your best life be healthy grow happy and mush on.

Mush love

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