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Manure all in one mushroom super grow bag has three different layers of substrates. Shop the BEST and easiest way to grow Mushroom at home! These bags are packed full of everything fungi could ever want to survive and thrive on.

Get to know more about this All-In-One Mushroom Manure Super Grow Kit.

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– Everything Comes With Start To Finish Instructions –

All-In-One Mini Manure Mushroom Super Bag (Bulk Options)
All-In-One Mushroom Manure Super Grow Bag
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Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom Genetics

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Microscopy Spores

I could not ask for a better teacher! Anytime I’ve been in a bind I can expect my question to be answered within a day at most.  They have Great Service, fast shipping and most of all really care about helping and making a difference. Thank you Fullsend!!

Zane Defrius

Liquid Cultures

There Liquid Cultures are like no other. Amazing quality, there teamwork and passion really show in everything they do. My order came FAST, I received a free culture and can definitely say I will back again. Thank you

Justin Reach

customer review images girl

I have been following and learning with Nick and Fullsend OrgaNicks since they started. I love their products, I’ve ordered many times and would definitely recommend Fullsend to anyone wanting to learn about mushrooms.

Janice M

Shop here for your microscopy spores, liquid cultures, garden supplies, teas, and tinctures.

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